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Use your whistleblower page to share internally – or to show the outside world that your organization is transparent and that you uphold the rights of your employees.

About Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software helps companies meet the new EU requirements to offer its employees a whistleblower scheme.

Live up to the new whistleblower legislation. The Eu ropean Union has produced a directive which will lay the ground for future legislation in this area in all EU countries. This includes that private companies with 50+ employees must provide a secure solution to their employees.

With a specialized system for reporting whistleblower cases, your employees can easily and confidentially report incidents in your company in connection with whistleblowing.

A secure whistleblower system is a must when your employees have important information to be directed to the right person in – or outside the company. Therefore, Whistleblower Software meets some of the strictest security measures, and is "Private city design". The system is designed in collaboration with whistleblowing experts, lawyers and accountants, to ensure that the whistleblower is taken care of in the best possible way.

It should be easy to set up. Your whistleblower scheme shouldn't take too much time away from what your company is good at. Therefore, it is essential that the system is easy to get started with and that it can be understood by everyone – and that the individual whistleblower cases are delivered to the right people.
With Whistleblower Software, your company gets its very own reporting page, which can be tailored to your needs.

Intuitive and secure reporting for the employee

Own reporting page

Highest safety standards

Developed in collaboration with whistleblowers

Whistleblower Software

Behind the company

With the solution, employees are given the opportunity to easily and safely report incidents through their very own whistleblower page. The system has been developed in collaboration with whistleblowers, lawyers and accountants and is called the best on the market by several experts. Right now, the solution helps define the new standards for what the ideal whistleblower solution should be able to do in the industry.
Read more about what a whistleblower scheme is here.

Whistleblower Software consists of a number of experienced entrepreneurs, business people and investors, all of whom have set out to help Danish and foreign companies by building the best whistleblower solution on the market. The company is founded by Kristoffer Abell, Magnus Boye and Jakob Lilholm, all of whom come with backgrounds from the software/tech world. IT security, product development and scaling of IT systems across borders are therefore among the core competencies of the team.

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