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About Minuba

Order and case management for both small and larger companies.

The system offers online case and order management, so you can keep track of the process – from first customer contact to approval of the project and thus last billing.

The focus is to develop and streamline the operations of craftsmen and other services. This is done by synchronising all parts of the project, to create an overview of hives, appointments, finances, time consumption, subcontractors and deadlines.

Is it effective? Yes, because now you no longer have to spend time communicating back and forth from the office or over your phone. Minuba runs online and can be integrated with mobile phones. Project info is available while you're on the go, and you can only put in important information once. the system is designed to provide notifications every time new information arrives on the project.

Optimize with electronic quality assurance

Avoid typing and save time

Time tracking app

Electronic work sheets


Behind the company

Project management for the construction, construction and installer industry. Minuba is a Danish-owned company focused on optimizing and streamlining the operations of the installer, construction and construction industry. With knowledge of the work process in artisan companies, they have created a system that integrates the entire work process.

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Frederik Sandgrav

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