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About Likvido

Easy, free and integrable

Likvido makes it easy to automate customer accounting. We check for new payments, move your customers and can ultimately handle the debt collection process.

Likvido's solution is 100% free for companies, as Likvido lives on the interest, collection fees and debt collection costs that the debtor has to pay.

Likvido can be easily integrated with your accounting system. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Likvido saves you time, optimizes your cash flow and ensures minimal customer losses. With Likvido, you can put your invoice and reminder process on autopilot and recover more with no-cure-nopay inbox.

Automated sending invoice and letters

Design personalized reminder and reminder campaign

Save time by letting likvido move your customers

Send cases to "no-cure-no-pay" debt collection with one click


Behind the company

Likvido is an impressive piece of software that in a VERY short time gives you just the right overview of your guilty conscience in relation to customer payments. Likvido was founded in January 2018 by Lars Holdgaard and Maximilian Frimmer. Since its foundation, Likvido has participated in the Copenhagen Fintech incubation program and Likvido was granted his debt collection license by the National Police in April 2018, and in May launched the first version of the solution. In July, Likvido received a million investment from a number of business angels and pre-seed ventures to develop the product and accelerate growth.

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