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The safe choice with unparaled possibilities in relation to agreements and integrations

About Data Pay

Data pay offers a system developed by payroll experts with many years of experience.

Data pay has payroll products for all company sizes. Their systems target the small company with a few employees, to Denmark's largest private companies and public institutions such as Danske Bank and the Ministry of Church Affairs.

If you have white-collar workers who are paid the same every month, there is an auto-wage function that means we don't have to do anything at all. Then you only have to tell us if there's any change.

Then you need data pay payroll management, we definitely have a setup that you will be happy about. Our employees have many years of experience with this particular payroll system.

The system supports quite a few agreements, SH payments and other quirks, and has hotline with people who can help you make corrections if an incorrect creation of an employee is made or wrong pay is made.

In short, here you get a solution that can cover your business 100% in all areas. And you can expect a collaboration with a modern and competent payroll partner when you collaborate with Dataløn. The system is solid and can be integrated with other digital solutions.

Your employees can record miles, outlays and hours in the app.

You approve it all online

All employees get their paycheck automatically in e-box

We check and search for everything to be correct

Data pay

Behind the company

Data pay has been around since 1968 and is currently used by more than 60,000 companies. A lot of companies in Denmark are really happy with data pay. We are no exception and are very happy with the system.

You do not pay a data pay subscription when you are a customer with us as we have an association agreement through our trade association. That is, whether we have to pay your salary or you want to make it yourself, you only pay per paycheck. You can read more about our payroll service here.

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