Now stop with the nonsense of digitization – when Dad was young

Yesterday I stopped byRoger/Pleo to give presentations on automation and digitalization.

But I've gone a little cold on the talk about digitization and automation..... Or – I haven't gone cold on it, but often there are REALLY many things you need to do before putting the batmobile in hyperdrive.

You can't put the Batmobile up in the high gear when it's stationary......

20 years ago, I uploaded dial-up payment files to Unibank.

15 years ago I downloaded FIK files to the financial system.

10 years ago from the banking >excel->C5 financial system.

So what's my point?

Make sure you have mastered the basics of your bookkeeping BEFORE you put the Batmobile up in the very high digital gear.

The above thing that I did 20 years ago is something that still lives to this day and STILL makes super much sense.

Digitization is just a layer on top. So make sure there's something to hang up. Otherwise, you'll still end up stationary.

Do you have speed on the Batmobile or has it had engine failure?

AND more importantly type "yes" in the comments section if you have also used modem to connect to the Internet to use your banking solution

#digitaltmotorstop #fåstyrpådetbasale #modem

Written by:

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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