Elegant and efficient budgeting and follow-up

About Budget123

Gives you easy budgets and integrates with many accounting programs.

With Budget123, you get to move your budgeting and follow-up process into a whole new league. In the past, enormous resources were devoted to ensuring that reporting sheets and budgets voted, and less time to deal with the figures.

With Budget123, there is no more such trouble. The numbers always add up because it's Cloud-based. Just click update and the system will retrieve the correct figures from associated accounting systems such as e-conomic or Navision.

With Budget123, you can then simply select a current month and the report is ready with the key figures and graphs you need.

If you need a new forecast, it is also made with just a few clicks.

Quick update of budget figures

Easy to make adhoc forecasts

Cash flow forecast and forecast

The ability to let department heads make their own budget


Behind the company

Budget123 is a manageable and easy-to-use program that makes it easy to budget and report. Budgeting and follow-ups with a single mouse click. That's the reality when you use budget123 to make your numbers for you. Budget123 was launched over 10 years ago and is constantly developing new opportunities and solutions to the great delight of your business.

Tim Hansson

Tim is a founder and partner in budget123.

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