Hour log

Truly accomplished and solid tool for managing hours and resources

About Timelog

Time tracking: Make it easy!

Here, time recording is easy for consultants, whether in the office or on the go — and for the manager, the approval process is easy and manageable.

 Project economics: Meet deadlines and budgets! Get an instant overview of project and finances when the time is up. With TimeLog, the project manager, CFO or director is constantly updated on your project portfolio, and can track project and customer profitability, coverage ratio and other key figures. The project module supports fixed price, time spent, voucher, multi-subscription — or combine billing models on one project.

 Resource Management: Keep track of your resources – and keep your deadlines! Get an overview of which resources are overbooked and who is available for new projects. See your earning potential based on the planned work and keep track of flex time, vacation and absence.

Get an overview with simple project management

Get an overview and control of your company's processes

Can be integrated with other financial and business systems.

Get analysis of earnings, productivity, and efficiency

Hour log

Behind the company

Timelog is primarily developed for time registration, but also has a lot of other smart features and can also talk to your other IT systems. Timelog was founded in 2001 and has since created an effective system with the possibility of many integrations and partners. Timelog is used by many Danish companies. You can read more about the program here. 

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