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Written by Frederik Kromann on 29/1-2023

SEO for accountants

It may be a strange title but the result is important. There is no doubt that there are many talented bookkeepers out there. Bookkeepers who make sure the quality is right. A lot can be said about bookkeepers. But salespeople are NOT one of them. The opposite seems to be more the case. It's a difficult balancing act in terms of pipeline when you are perhaps a small business with perhaps only the owner as the only "employee". You have high expertise in your field as an accountant - but maybe not as a marketer unfortunately. Nor high expertise in search engine optimization. Perhaps a start is a professional new website accountant. Your clients use external accountants - so you've already got something of the right stuff.

I often find that this particular size struggles a bit with customer inflow. Perhaps a few but very large customers have been accepted. Customers who leave a huge hole when they stop. That's why it might be a good idea to have a little more control over a steady inflow of customers. I think it's more fun to say no to customers or maybe just see if you can't make sure they only start up when some of the big customers stop.

But new customers are needed once in a while. That's why SEO is perhaps an area where a bookkeeper can sell more easily, without really selling. I myself have been trying for a long time to lead something at SEO for Sandgrav Solutions. So SEO for bookkeepers is something I've been doing for a number of years now. Unfortunately, it's something that's not just some kind of quick-fix - if it's going to work properly.

Both the more shady kind - what some call Blackhat SEO. Where I pay shady people with shady sites to link to my website in the hope that Google won't notice and instead reward me with untold amounts of traffic.

Cooperation with partners

This has not always proved to be the case. That's why SEO is a better solution. The SEO where you make sure Google loves you for your unique content and customers pour in the door. I have a number of partners that I link to as I have a number of good descriptions of exactly what the various tools can and can't do. For example, read about payroll systems here: The Ultimate Guide to Payroll Systems:

What is SEO

Then there is only one small problem. You might not know what SEO is and even if you did you wouldn't know where to start. Many years ago now... I found a website tool that turned out to make SEO a breeze. It was Morningscore - and from the first second I was hooked.

SEO for accountants

Their whole astronaut/space adventure theme is really appealing to me. I always have a crystal clear picture of what to do and especially how to do it on my website.

And more importantly - I want to do something about it. I guess that's what they call gamification. I solve "missions" and get points and my SEO gets better and better all the time. There's also another area that's at least as interesting. SEO for bookkeepers may or may not be your new golden egg.

I've become a pain-in-the-ass for our external marketing agency. Now I can ask a lot of annoying questions about things I don't know shit about. Maybe it's just bullshit most of the time. But often it's that, for example, the website is slow.

Or there are incorrect headings on posts or corrupted images. So I actually imagine that Morningscore makes a difference to me and the way the company handles SEO. So I really think Morningscore is worth all the money. At least for me - so I really can't ask for more.

So off you go - so you can be a space hero too

With morning score you can go on a space journey and optimise your website

Written by:

Frederik Kromann

Frederik Kromann

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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