When pay should be either easy – or more easy = 100% automatic

About Salary

Salary offers fast and automated payroll management, so you can save time and money

Salary is a new system that is distinguished by paying salaries, posting wages, paying taxes, ATP and AM contributions, and automatically posting processed data such as holiday pay and pensions. As soon as you enter Salary's universe, you find that paying wages, reporting tax and settling pensions on salary is a breeze. When using the system, do not relate to nonfiction terms that only payroll accountants understand or entry fields that are not relevant. The system is easily accessible and easy to familiarize. Complexity has been replaced by simplicity and transparency.

Digitization that really matters. The entire posting flow is completely automatic at Salary. This means that you should not post anything at all. Of course, the salary is posted automatically in your preferred accounting program. But in addition, there are a number of other things that are posted completely automatically:

  • Payment of withholding tax and AM contributions
  • Salary fee
  • ATP

It may seem trite, but the only pay program that offers this is Salary. This means that you don't have to worry about posting anything at all. As a result, the accountant saves time and saves you money.

The integrations are many and automation in relation to bookkeeping is so great that you don't actually need an accountant when it first runs.

100% automatic posting

Denmark's lightest payroll system

For both small and medium-sized enterprises

Integrate with your accounting system


Behind the company

Salary was founded in 2016 and today has over 1000 customers. Salary offers as the only 100% automatic posting of ALL payroll items.

Bonus info: as a customer of Sandgrav Solutions, you get approximately 50% off salary. This means that a paycheck costs DKK 10 instead of DKK 19.

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