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About Pleo

Pleo is a company card solution that manages your expense reports and makes it easier to manage your business expenses

Pleo offers a mastercard charge they have issued themselves. That means they know exactly what's going on live all the time. An included app keeps you in control of your receipts at all times.

Pleo is the absolute easiest solution around receipts. Every time you use the card, a notification on your phone will remind you to take a picture of your receipt. It's not something you need to do right away, you can always go into your app and see if you "owe" any pictures of receipts.

The system can most often classify/post your expenses yourself, so all you have to worry about is photographing your receipts. In addition to the cardholder, the person in charge in the company can keep an eye on the use of the card at all times.

3 smart features:

  • ØJEBLIKKELIG PUSH-BESKED PÅ SMARTPHONE NÅR KORTET BRUGES – Det betyder, at brugerne venligt bliver påmindet om, at der skal tages et billede af kvitteringen. Samtidig kan man altid følge med i appen og se, hvilke kvitteringer der mangler.</li
  • AUTOMATIC COST CATEGORIZATION – Pleo suggests, based on history and the name of the company you use your credit card at, which expense category expenses belong to. These categories can be linked to the chart of accounts so that expenses are automatically posted when they are posted. If you use E-conomic, the images are imported, along with that expense, into the system.
  • CONTINUOUS OVERVIEW – Team leaders and administrators can continuously keep an eye on how much money is spent by which departments and users, as well as whether receipts are missing through dashboards.

Automatic posting

Live overview of consumption

Push notification so you're always in control of bonner

Control and limitation of consumption


Behind the company is one of the biggest revolutions in accounting over the past several years. The system is integrated with a number of the most popular posting programs, so no time is needed for manual work when posting receipts.

PLEO debit cards are an elegant way to give your employees agency while not losing track yourself. You always know who spent money on what. New employees can immediately be handed a company card and can be up and about in seconds.

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