When only 100% correct reading is good enough – and when isn't it!

About Paperflow

Paperflow is the industry's most accurate scanner for all types of documents

Used, as the name indicates, for document management. Paperflow is a simple application with a powerful scanning engine that makes life easier for bookkeepers and accounting applications. The goal is to be able to post a physical document 10 times cheaper than it can be done by manual entry.

The system automatically reads all relevant information from your receipt or receipts, regardless of format. Data is sent via API to ERP.

Paperflow makes digitising your bookkeeping much easier, as it can also be integrated with a host of other applications. These include accounting software and IT systems. You can read more about Paperflow and its features and integrations here.

Automatic reading of information on vouchers

the industry's most accurate

Save up to 90% of your time

Integrateable with partners


Behind the company

The program has a unique scanning engine that allows you to be sure to post your receipts correctly. The system was created by Preben Damgaard, Toke Kruse and Lars Seier and seven talented developers. They have focused on making the handling of receipts 10 times cheaper than physical handling and traditional keying. The system is designed to make life easier for both accountants and accounting software and other software partners.

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Frederik Sandgrav

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