Financial management: Is your company registered correctly?

If NOT, it can end up being both expensive and cumbersome. So if you don't have an overview of it yourself, it's a good idea to get external people in charge of your financial management.

Do you need employees or do you expect a turnover above 50,000 a year?

Then it is a good idea to register your business correctly on VIRK. We just got a new customer with 8 companies where 3 of them were registered incorrectly and employees had not received paychecks even though they had been paid for 6 months.

In addition, there was debt in several tax accounts around. That's stupid!!!!

Get optimal financial management at Sandgrav Solutions

This is one of the very first things we make sure we have a handle on when we start a new customer relationship:

1. Company registrations

2. Possible debt to TAX

3. Voting bank

4. Debtor situation

5. Possible indebtedness

6. Other votes

And once we get it under control, we'll keep having it.

We always have your business under control, so you can trust the numbers we provide. Anything else would be deeply frivolous.

Make demands on your external accountant!!! Otherwise, it can go really wrong. Do you have order in your penal house? Otherwise, I really hope you hurry up and get it.


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