The nerds are coming! New features from IEX

I just intercepted info that IEX has launched their version 3 of their tech solution. They have this bucket of action that they think we will be happy ???

IEX now offers these features in their version 3

  • Credits
  • Multi-integration packaged solutions
  • Add-on section
  • EAN payment
  • Sales tax check on transfers
  • Ability to set up additional fields as custom fields yourself
  • Advanced error handling and validation of orders
  • Follow your data anywhere with the improved log system
  • Startup package without binding to small businesses
  • and more...

Add-On section

Honestly IEX. To make it a little easy for customers and your marketing department, I've boiled it down for you:

IEX V3 - Save 3 times as much time and money ?

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