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About Navision

ERP solution that can optimize sales, procurement, operations, accounting and inventory management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dynamics Navision is a system that does not compromise. Whether you are a manufacturing company, have several warehouses, cost surcharges, many physical stores, webshops or companies in many countries, Navison can accommodate your business and set the framework. There is no way you can get hurt when you use Dynamics Nav.

On the integration side, of course, the system is a little heavier than, one is used to it from, the other small online systems. But once the system is set up, there is no limit to how elegant and automatic things are going.

Unfortunately, standard solutions in Navision are often not the best. It can cost many hours from a consultant to make things work. For example, it is the banking module, polls, etc. that do not solve things very efficiently or elegantly.

Focus on automation

Many apps available

Perfect for manufacturing and storage companies

Total overview of the company


Behind the company

Dynamics Navison (now called Dynamics 365 business central) is used worldwide by more than 2.7 million users, both small and medium-sized businesses. The system has an incredible number of apps available and therefore an incredible number of options.

Many of our employees use Dynamics Nav on a daily basis. It is clearly a system we recommend and are happy about. However, as the system is a bit complex, it is our recommendation that you always ensure that your employees are updated with the latest knowledge within the optimal use of the program, including best-practice, shortcuts, etc.

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