Masterclass - digital accounting on subscription

For the accountant who wants to develop. Sideways training in both bookkeeping and digitisation of e-conomic.

Because accounting is a matter of trust

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Up to 50-70% -
how much more effective
you will become during our masterclass

How does it work in practice?

For example, depending on which package you choose, we can help you make sure you take full advantage of e-conomic with the additional products it offers.  

We have helped hundreds of companies with accounting solutions. That's why working with us means you get access to specialist knowledge on the most efficient way to handle your bookkeeping. 

Can you teach me how to keep books?

Yes, whatever package you choose, it gives you access either by email or phone to skilled accountants who know the rules and legislation in accounting and bookkeeping

Can I switch packages whenever I want?

Yes you can upgrade whenever you want. A downgrade will take place at the end of the next month 

Our service packages

Finance Manager Package


This is the solution to the company that needs for the best in digitisation and support. Including personal hands-on training

Controller package


This is our most popular solution. You get invaluable tailored digitisation. Plus telephone hotline so you can get help with any digital tools we have implemented.

Basic package


This solution is for companies that just need basic review and setup of e-conomic joint telephone support

Complete review of e-conomic setup
Customization and setup of all necessary add-ons and modules
Mail support for bookkeeping and accounting (48 hours response time)
Email support e-conomic unlimited (48 hours response time)
Procedure and documentation descriptions in accordance with. New Accounting Law
Implementation and customization of 3rd party digital solutions
Discount agreements on 3rd party solutions
Telephone and mail support 3rd party solutions and e-conomic 8-16
Possibility to purchase extended opening hours from 16-20
Side training on teams every 14 days (2 hours)
option to purchase physical meetings

Here are some of the most popular solutions we recommend:

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