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Hire an accounting manager from us as a either fixed or fixed-term agreement. You may only need a few hours of bookkeeping a week or you will put your entire bookkeeping with us.

Both are possible, but one thing is certain...

When you are a customer of Sandgrav Solutions, you are always guaranteed perfect accounting using the latest technology and supervision by Frederik Sandgrav, who has several positions as finance manager. Frederik Sandgrav can in a short time supplement any bookkeeping with an accountantthat can be included in your team. We put the framework together – maybe you only want to send data, maybe you want us to get into your company, or maybe a combination.

Why us?

We know our stuff

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The world's best tools work for you

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You have a permanent contact person

Made for growth

We help you as your business grows.

Create room for growth with an accounting manager from Sandgrav Solutions

We have contracts with companies that use Sandgrav Solutions in the case of maternity and illness. This avoids job advertising, through-reading of applications in stacks and employment interviews. We work with digital accounting, which typically reduces the consumption of hours by 85%, so with the right systems, you may not need an accountantat all....

Read Frederik's blog post "With Frederik at work..." and find out what happened to the customer.

Bookkeeping is something that should ideally function as easily and elegantly as possible. With many of the digital solutions we recommend, you are sure it will happen. Whether you're using Billy's or e-conomic or, for example, using Billy's or e-conomic, or whether you're using Billy's or e-conomic, or whether you're using Billy We've got it under control. You're sure we're ready to take over your bookkeeping and make sure everything runs as it should. We also have experience in many other systems. But the 3 mentioned are the ones we work primarily in. Of course, we also have a lot of experience from C5.

We make sure that payments, customer jolting and payroll management are always made as efficiently and quickly as possible. This without compromising on quality. In this way, we are sure that we can deliver the best solution for you – both now but also in the future.

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