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A world-class company specializing in coffee solutions for both large groups and the small business. The following illustrates some of the challenges they and you also have the opportunity to see what tools we have chosen to solve it.

The company is a young up-and-coming company with the courage to try many of the digital solutions that exist out there. That's why we've knitted the best solution together at all. This is without a doubt the best accounting solution we have made in a long time. Many of the solutions bear the hallmarks of 100% automaticization. This is to ensure that the company can grow without necessarily means higher costs of administration and bookkeeping.

Solutions we have used to help Yellowbeard:

With Farpay, we have the option to automatically collect the subscriptions and withdraw money from customers' accounts. In addition, the system makes sure to automatically post regular customer payments.
It is also worth mentioning that the system automatically sends out reminders if customers do not pay their bills.

Pleo is almost always part of our solutions. It doesn't take many receipts until we think it's a good idea. Fortunately, our customers agree because no one bothers to spend time chasing curly bonner.

Corpay One provides both invoice posting and payment – then the numbers are always accurate and you don't have to spend time logging into your online banking and paying bills. Many of Yellowbeard's bills are smaller bills of between 500->2,000 DKK. It can take a really long time to pay these bills on the internet. With roger, this is done with a forwarding of an email or simply by clicking OK in an app. It can't get any easier. The fact that the bookkeeping simply has to concentrate on the posting means that there really are great time savings to be made.

Most growing companies need to keep track of their future liquidity on an ongoing basis. Budget123 is a good choice as you can easily make forcasts and inumeration of your original budget. For Yellowbeard, this means that they can always make realistic and fast liquidation forecasts and budget follow-ups so that credible and accurate material can be delivered to management and board.

E-conomic we know as our own pants pocket as we have been using it for over 10 years. It fits yellowbeard perfectly. We use bankconnect to ensure that we always have the latest transactions from the bank posted.

One of the most automated and best integrated payroll systems we know. It provides 100% automatic payroll processing and posting.

Frederik Sandgrav

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