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Put your accounts on autopilot

About Account Link

Account link puts your accounts on autopilot

Account link is digital posting on autopilot. They shape the way of the future of thinking accounting with an automated system that gives you more time for all the fun.

In their digital universe, you easily keep an overview of both transactions and attachments.

In fact, Account Link automates your posting by automatically collecting all attachments from e.g. email, dropbox and mobile camera and matches with associated bank transaction without you having to do anything. All you have to do is authenticate the match between bank transaction and voucher with a single swipe.

It's accounting on autopilot – simple, fast and efficient.

Automated voucher and bank transaction match

You post with a single swipe

Collaborating with other systems

Never again manual collection of vouchers

Account link

Behind the company

The idea of an automated accounting based on the bank started with Kim Agger. Along with several former e-conomic people who are all passionate about digital accounting, he has created Account Link.

From the premises at Christianshavn in the capital, new ideas are constantly being brewed to make the accounts even more automated. The former e-conomic director also took notice of this. When Torben Frigaard Rasmussen heard about Kontolink, he was ready to invest. Now he is a regular part of the team, and helps speed up the development of automated accounting.

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