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Time tracking provides real-time overview of employees and projects
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About Kala

Kala project and real-time hourly management

Kala is a system for primary time recording. In addition, you can register kilometers and item consumption. This system allows you to project manage in real time. You can keep an eye on ongoing costs and your employees' process. Kala can be integrated with your financial system, which is why you always have your business finances in your pocket when driving with Kala. Kala can be integrated with Navision, Economic and Billys, and thus is aimed at small, medium and large companies.

This means that the system grows with you and your needs. In addition, it talks to, for example, danløn so you don't have to type your hours manually, but can have them transferred automatically. Then it doesn't get any easier.

Efficient time tracking app

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Behind the company

Here's what Kala herself writes about their time registration:

  • With the app, your employees can record the time they spend on the company's cases and tasks.
  • The hourly registration system completely replaces old-fashioned timesheets.
  • Time and cases are automatically synchronized to your financial management system – thus you can invoice the customer faster. The invoice almost writes itself.
  • You achieve more invoiced hours, time savings and increased liquidity.
  • There is also project management, mileage accounting and item consumption .m built in.

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