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About Intempus

Intempus provides value to business in all industries and with different needs

Intempus is time recording in an easy and elegant way, without too much hassle. We use it ourselves. The system provides fast time tracking and has a clear interface. At the same time, the system can also be used for e.g. Km accounts. It can all be integrated into, for example, the internet. E-conomic, so you have all the information gathered in one place.

The system app is fantastically easy and easy to use. Here you have a system that can lift your projects. The app can be run in several languages if, for example, you have foreign craftsmen employed. Intempus is often seen in constellation with e.g. data pay. Due to this is that the payroll system can help to comply with collective agreements and therefore a perfect match with an easy and manageable time registration.

In addition, the system also allows you to have an overview of where your employees work via your phone's GPS system. For example, this may be relevant when documenting snow removal. But the possibilities are many.

One of the advantages for employees may be that the time registration becomes more real. Overtime may be recorded and, where appropriate, paid or time off. At the same time, it also allows you as a business owner to better relate to earnings on e.g. projects. In addition, a digital time recording will also save employees, team leaders and everyone involved an incredible amount of time.

Complete hourly registration system

Manageable interface

Easy for employees to register overtime

Better overview and less time wasting


Behind the company

The system is popular and can be integrated with: E-conomic, Proløn, Billy, Visma, Danløn, Dataløn and Dynamics.

It is clear that time recording can be problematic to implement. Both because employees can feel monitored, but also because it can be an expensive and complicated process. But don't worry – it doesn't have to be. We have many years of experience with precisely implementing e.g. time registration solutions and know all the challenges and problems. So fear not – contact us and we'll make sure it's a success.

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Frederik Sandgrav

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