Why you shouldn't do your own bookkeeping

Written by Jimmi Hove on 30/9-2022

The long cool road

I was 45 before I found out about bookkeeping. By then I had been an entrepreneur for 20 years. Does that sound stupid? Yes it was, I ended up with a tax debt of over 500.000,- kroner.
It is not recommended.
I always thought I could figure it out myself, because how hard can it be? Difficult enough for me apparently, even though I only had a small business.
I tried to set up several collaborations with accountants, but several of them rejected me (is my theory) because I was so impossible. In any case, I never heard from them after asking for offers from them and explaining my status.
Then I finally found a bookkeeper who dared to work with me.
But he was of the old school. He thinks Dinero, e-conomic and all the new FinTech options that have come along are modern nonsense. No you an excel sheet, you know what that is.
I trusted him. It sounded reasonable what he said, although I could have heard good things about e-conomic and Dinero.
A year went by and I received another tax bill, this time for 140,000 DKK.
I was breaking down and ready to give up on my beloved entrepreneurial dream.
He had given me the green light to overpay me. HE said it was okay, and I trusted him.
I found out that his opposition to e-conomic, Dinero, Business Central and whatever other Fintech is out there was based on laziness. He didn't have the energy to get to the bottom of it, just as he didn't have the energy to give me good advice.

But then I finally found the right accountant.

Her name is Lotte. Not only is she thorough (and loves to be), she also has a strong sense of how to behave towards her fellow human beings.
That was the biggest lesson I learned from all that with the old accountant: that just because they like to fiddle with numbers and systems, it doesn't mean they have a high work ethic.
So NOW my accounts are finally in order, and when you check Online Marketing Bureauet ApS on proff.dk you can see how nice our accounts are. But it took me 25 years to learn it.
So don't be like me. Realize you can't be good at everything. We're good at marketing, but lousy at bookkeeping.
Now we even advise our clients to find a bookkeeper, and use all the new FinTech available, if I can see that they are like I used to be.

FinTech software and people who have helped me and our clients are:

Frederik Sandgrav from Sandgrav Solutions, for always sharing news about modern accounting so it's understandable for people like me. He does so on Linkedin here
... and not least Lotte from Viborg. Thank you

Written by:

Frederik Kromann

Frederik Kromann

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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