How does company pension work at Grandhood?

I tested Grandhood - new company pension system

You want a vein charge of leeches? ??? Preferably not well! But there is something on the same level that is also at least as boring as bookkeeping?. Therefore, a vein charge with leeches will be more interesting. Yes, personally, I think pension is as sad and boring an affair as accounting and accounting. Like so many other things, we know that it is necessary and something we should deal with. As an employer in a company with almost 20 employees, this is also something I should do something about. That's why I just tested Grandhood – the new naughty boy in class on a PRETTY fast moped?.

How company pensions work at Grandhood

In less than 5 minutes, my business is set up and the first employee is offered a retirement plan. It costs 59.00 per employee per month, so I think it's ready to go. Pension that is both fast, easy and cheap!!! I think that cheap thing is also something about APR, which is 0.95%. I think that's excellent, I hear. They lack a lot on "loss of earning capacity" and stuff like that, but hey... You have to start somewhere. This is for the luddovne accountant? quickly and easily.

What should I take into account when I am about to offer a company pension to the employees?

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