Digital bookkeeping?! How much does it cost?

How are you going to make money!!?

That's what a customer asked me when I outlined another delicious digital bookkeeping with a focus on automated solutions. I can't help it being so easy to do digital accounting and accounting....

My answer to the customer was, "Yes, well, it certainly won't be you, I make a whole lot of money... unless you get a little more hassled. Start a production, use stock, webshop, foreign trade and things like that. I'll bill you a lot. But until that happens – you're about as complex as a pizzaria, and the price is then.

Really can't focus on just making money. I focus on the right solutions for our customers... The rest will work out.

Digital bookkeeping - what do you get for your money?

For information, the prices below were the customer had to pay. And here is even set aside a whole hour to twiddle your thumbs and check attachments and posting.

DKK 5,000 in creation covering:

  • E conomic with English chart of accounts
  • Roger Setup
  • Pleo Setup
  • Bankconnect Setup
  • NemID and e box setup
  • Set up payroll system DKK 1,000 per month in bookkeeping fees including VAT reporting and salaries and all that goes with the administrative.

Have I focused wrong?

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