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With an accountant, you can extend energy on the work you want to do. An accountant is a person employed or affiliated with a company that is responsible for posting wages, calculating taxes, and other tasks within financial management. At Sandgrav Solutions, we want to give you an understanding of the accountant's tasks and also how our digital bookkeeping solution can relieve you of a lot of work.

What is an accountant?

First of all, we will summarize what an accountant is and what our primary work consists of. An accountant is, as mentioned earlier, responsible for making wages, taxes, and payments to the company, running as lubricated in a streamlined process. The word "accountant" is derived from the former meaning of the word, where in the past you had to keep track of companies' accounts in so-called diaries. Posting has gradually become quite extensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is a good idea to acquire yourself with either an external or internal accountant. At Sandgrav Solutions, we recommend supplementing your accountant with a digital bookkeeping program.

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Digital posting

While bookkeeping has become more extensive, there have also been several digital accounting platforms that, fortunately, can significantly minimize your time spent when it comes to the accounts. There are many providers on the market, but it is important that the platform and system fit your particular business perfectly. At Sandgrav Solutions, we are experts in developing digital accounting systems where your finances can run smoothly and automatically through. At the same time, the systems we work with are integrated so that you can transfer invoices and time registrations directly from other platforms such as E-conomic. Our goal is to lighten your shoulders when you have to calculate wages, for example, and design accounts. By using our product, we guarantee to make your working day easier and more enjoyable when it comes to bookkeeping. You can read more about digital accounting and what they can do for your business here.

Save time and hassle

As we mentioned earlier, digital bookkeeping makes your workday much more manageable. Our solutions mean that as an accountant, you only need to spend 15% of your energy on manual accounting, whereas the systems we work with account for the remaining 85%. This means that you can spend significantly more energy on all the more interesting parts of your business adventure. Then take a closer look at our digital accountingoptions and give yourselves a respite from the "accounting bully".


E-conomic integration

The systems we work with can be easily integrated with other programs such as E-conomic. We are familiar with E-conomic and know exactly how programs are used and what it can contribute. Then you would like to integrate time registration, collection procedures and invoices, we seamlessly incorporate E-conomic into your digital bookkeeping solution.

At Sandgrav Solutions, we hope to have given you a good understanding of bookkeeping and bookkeeping. We recommend, in order to use resources correctly, that every company should acquire itself with digital accounting so that payroll, taxes, and billings run automatically. With us you can get a complete, and tailored solution for your company, where e.g. E-conomics hourly registrations and invoices are transferred without any problems. Furthermore, we believe that, using a fixed digital system, it reduces its accounting errors and shortcomings.

If you are still unsure whether digital bookkeeping is for your company, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, you can read more about our products, and services on the front page.


Written by:

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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