Mindfullness: Walking in the woods as employee care

With a mindfullness therapist.......? Yes, it's good enough... All employees of have the opportunity to talk to Chris Norre who is a self-employed mindfullness therapist.

Mindfullness in the forest

Apparently, it always has to take place walking in a forest? Often it is not the work that stresses people, but everything else in the "luggage" . But one thing is for sure. Can I help so people come to work both happy and more well behaved.... If I can in any way help people to become the best version of themselves....

Yes I know there are really many platitudes and loud thoughts in the above. But I really mean it. I also go for a walk in the woods with our mindfullness therapist to get a handle on my head, it's REALLY something that works. What do you do to make sure your employees are well? PS: thank you so much Chris Norre you are a huge help to us.

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