Fully automated bookkeeping!!

I've shot myself in the foot – ouch for @$#@@@ *A little too good * A little too smart * A little too fast..

Automatic bookkeeping = green light ??

Has started up with many customers lately. Everyone wants a fully automated bookkeeping. The startup is cool... Old shit from banks and nets needs to be pulled off with HIV and swing, and it's NOT a pretty sight. Finally, the train is leaving.... And to my horror: An accounting with solutions within payments, salaries and vouchers that run almost by themselves??? How can I make money from a customer where I need a maximum of 10 minutes a month? I DON'T KNOW - but maybe it doesn't matter, because I do the world's coolest bookkeeping and have the world's most satisfied customers. Then the rest will go I guess.

Thank you so much all you amazing tech tools for giving me the opportunity to avoid doing accounting and accounting?. Lots of thanks to phenomenal customers and fabulous colleagues. The impossible made possible.... Then I can't ask for more?

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Frederik Sandgrav

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