Focus on IT security!!

I'm taking bribes, and you can be allowed to, too? I have made a decision to have even more control over our IT security. Therefore, I have chosen to use password manager software so that all codes are not the same everywhere and that we as a company can share passwords safely with each other.

IT security and secure passwords with Uniqkey

The choice fell on a company because they sounded cool and because it was Danish. Unless I am unique, could there perhaps be anyone other than me who also has questionable passwords for critical systems? Thank you so much to Uniqkey to secure my night's sleep???.

I made a kickback/bribery agreement with them:

Use the code "denluddovnebogholder" and MY employees will get a bag of Monopoly mix for each new customer ?.

Use the code "I want thematadormix hero self" and you'll get the ?.. you are welcome

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