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About Farpay

Farpay is a debtor system that can be used by small and large companies as well as accountants and accountants.

With Farpay you have the opportunity to use either PBS or Supplier Service. The difference between the two is that supplier service allows you to withdraw money as often as you like, while PBS is only once a month. PBS is for private and business customers, while Supplier Service is only for business customers

With Farpay you get the opportunity to offer your customers all sorts of different payment solutions. Many financial systems offer features where customers can pay via a payment link on your invoice – it's a good solution and really easy. Unfortunately, there are many customers who do not accept this solution, and here Farpay is a great alternative.

At Farpay, payments are handled via credit card, mobilepay, PBS, Supplier Service and payment via FIK (+71) – the payment number associated with the invoice you send to your customers.

Farpay can also post your customer deposits and also automatically move customers if your invoices are not paid in a timely manner. So: Automatic posting of invoices and automatic jerking in the absence of payments. That's smart!

Automatic posting of customer payments

Get notified when your customer has read an invoice

Send automatic reminders

Integrateable with most accounting systems


Behind the company

FarPay integrates directly with your accounting system and makes it easy for your customers to pay invoices with all available payment solutions. The system can be easily integrated with your accounting system.

We recommend Farpay if you have more than 20 outgoing invoices per month. Then there is enough that you neither bother to spend time posting deposits yourself nor want to pay an external accountant for it.

Farpay is a FinTech company that has been around since 2015. The company is based in Copenhagen. They work to make it easier to collect and pay money with modern, digital solutions.

Andres Jensen

Andrew Jensen is CEO and founder of Farpay.

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