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From the moment we have a signed contract and have our anti-money laundering in place (medical insurance and driving licence and such) we can be ready in under 5 working days, depending on which onboarding package you choose. We have a fasttrack scheme where we make sure you get started really quickly.

Yes you always get a permanent accountant so it's the same person you're in touch with. It's also the person who does your bookkeeping so there's only one person you need to talk to. Your accountant sits on a team with other accountants where there is a team leader. This team leader also knows about you bookkeeping so there are always 2 who know what's going on.


We do payroll for more than 100 companies every month in both Danløn, Dataløn, Zenegy, Pento, Intect and Salary.

So we can do that.We have customers from 1 pay slip up to 150.

If you do not have an audit obligation and thus a requirement that it is a registered accountant who must make the accounts then we can easily help.


Of course, we can help with that too. We have a broad knowledge of many different types of companies, so we can definitely help you.


Don't worry – we're experts in cleaning up your bookkeeping and can often make sure it's done in an efficient and easy way. Before we get started we agree on scope and price so there will be no surprises.


No, you don't have to wait at all just because you have to switch to e-conomic – it can do that at any time during the year. We are used to making these migrations and can easily help no matter when you want it to be done.


We only work with fixed prices. These are based on the jobs we do and how often they need to be done. 

Our virtual finance function ranges from accountant to CFO and depending on your needs the price will change.

Many of the licenses are volume-based. That is, if you have more attachments, it costs more. Some of the licenses are a fixed monthly payment. 

We have negotiated some really good discounts that you will benefit from when you work with us.


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