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Approval flow and automatic posting - the options are many

About Invoice File

Good for many suppliers

Invoice file is clearly a step towards reducing all manual work! Savings in the order of 50-70% in connection with invoice entry, checking, FIK numbers, dates, keying of item numbers and more. Automated bookkeeping and easier payments, these are some of the options that open up when you take advantage of this brilliant system. Here you will also have the opportunity to post to departments and projects, as well as put approver groups and amounts on.

When do we recommend this system? There are many different kinds of companies that benefit from automated approval flow and posting. The system works especially well for e.g. restaurants and organizations with projects, and many people who need to approve. When there are many who need to approve, the invoice file is a great relief. No more wondering who has yet to approve or pay which bill. No more wondering whether all expenditure has been included and also whether the figures can be relied on.

We actually have a solution running where all suppliers get to read all the product lines. These are posted together per expense group per vendor. At the same time, an invoice is generated for the customer based on this invoice. This means that the system is extremely well suited for further invoicing

Fits well with e.g. restaurants, cafes and caterers

Ideal if you need to post via project module in e-conomic

Perfect if you need to post through departments

Easy to read item lines on invoice

Invoice file

Behind the company

Starting and deploying can take from 5 minutes to a few hours, depending on how complex an approval flow needs to be set up. That is, in the course of very short to can start saving a lot of time. With this system, you ensure a good overview. If necessary, read more at

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