Get your bookkeeping under control with these 7 digital tools

There are many tools out there. And it can be hard to figure out which ones to spend time on. So I've made it a little easy for you. Just do as I say - and you'll be fine. Hundreds of companies can attest to that now. So what I recommend is rarely anything đź’© .

1. E-conomic - Denmark's least bad financial system and in fact the only system we recommend. At least for the customers we want to work with.

2. Corpayone - Fully automated system for the accounting of accounts payable invoices. None above and below - but if there is anyone out there who can compete with them - please let me know.

3. November First - also known as N1. The system that ensures you don't have to use your online bank to make payments. Easy and automatic. In fact, it's a bit like uploading a payment file to your bank - just automatically with a few clicks.

4. Pleo - The world's best expense management solution - for credit card receipts. If your employees have more than 4-5 receipts per month, this is our favourite solution.

5. Farpay - premium solution for automatic booking of customer payments and customer withdrawals - as well as automatic withdrawals via supplier service and PBS. Always in control of your customers and their invoice. The withdrawal part is not that great - so check out #6

6. Equity - ingenious reminder system with a self-service portal that allows your customers to download bank statements and invoices etc. Put totally on autopilot.

7. Officebot/kontolink - Swiss army knives that solve everything others can't do properly.

ps. playing with a few reporting tools so they should be on the list soon.

Just get started - it must be a New Year's resolution



Written by:

Frederik Kromann

Frederik Kromann

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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