Get receipts directly into your accounting system!

ALL your employees have their receipts in order!!! Look at Mom without hands! Get any receipt automatically and directly into your accounting system, WITHOUT lifting a finger. It's fucking easy - don't you think?

Keep track of your receipts with Pleo and Storebox

The people behind the smart solution are Pleo and Storebox. So thank you so much to them for screwing an awesome solution together for us!

In practical terms, a number of receipts come in automatically, and the rest must be taken pictures of. You always have control over which employees owe which receipts.

For show me the company where ALL employees have control over every receipt. It's going to be the day hell freezes! That is why solutions are needed that do the work for us.

We have over 50 customers who use Pleo. So on the face of it, it doesn't seem like a fluke.

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