The Tale of the Luddovne

The Tale of The Luddovne Accountant

There was once an accountantwho was so incredibly lazy. Every time he saw his cut to it, he went in search of a new and better method, to get rid of all the tedious typing.

The luddovne accountant worked in the Kingdom of Digitalien. Many of his customers said to him, "You can just access our attachments via Dropbox/OneDrive."


"We just email the attachments to you or to the scan email address in our financial system."

Some of them had also learned to take a picture of their attachments with their mobile camera and thought that then the luddovne accountant would be happy.

But the luddovne accountant just became more and more exhausted by all the typing it gave him. What if customers got more to do? What if they hired more salespeople and they started selling even more? Or what if he had more customers of his own?

"Phew – then I really have to type" thought the luddovne accountant, and the customers also thought that the luddovne accountant spent a little too many hours and was a little too expensive in operation.

"Was he really the luddoven?" they thought.

One day, when the luddovne accountant had been typing all day, he went completely resigned around the kingdom of Digitalien, and then he stumbled upon something. Could that be the solution that could help him get rid of all the typing? He had to try that. And it helped! The very next day, the typing work was noticeably smaller, and he went hunting again in Digitalien. Again, he found a tool that could minimize typing. And the accountant gradually took more and more time to go in search of new and smart solutions and spent less and less time typing.

Suddenly, customers didn't think the luddovne accountant seemed so luddite anymore. The luddovne accountant shared the proceeds of his hunting trips in Digitalien with customers, who thus got more to do, could sell more and drew more customers to the luddovne bookkeeper. And it no longer worried the luddovne accountant, for he had found a way out of the typing. And so the luddovne accountant and his clients lived happily ever after.

Digitization Scalability

I wrote my "adventure" after writing a more serious text about digitization. So if you need a more serious explanation of what I mean, I hope the below might fall into better ground 🙂

In my view, attachments are not digitized by taking a picture of a receipt or sending an email. Although the annex has been made electronic, there is still a long, tough process of linking the attachments to real transactions and posting them to the right accounts.


I always work with solutions that are adapted to allow the company to increase in activity level, but which at the same time, are adapted to the size of the company. I always try to choose the solutions that make sure to automate and digitize to the right extent.

Of course, an invoice flow system does not have to be implemented in a hot dog stand to be future-proof. We need to be tough in our assessment of when and which systems make sense. For example:

1. In smaller companies, a digital credit card solution may be enough.

2. In other companies, a fully automated webshop integration, where the posting of payments is also automatic, would be preferable.

3. In slightly larger companies, a system for automatic accounting of supplier invoices will really mean a huge difference.

Most of all, I would like to implement all 3 things where they make sense, as well as 12-14 other things and cases if they fit the needs of the company. I am thinking in particular of the digital temperament of users.

In the end, I actually find accounting quite boring. It's a bit like a visit to the dentist: "If I don't, things go horribly wrong, and when I finally get going, I just want it to be over quickly".

It doesn't quite fit 🙂 I really like posting. But not bookkeeping in the traditional sense, where I sit and type my way through a whole horde of crumpled attachments for 12 hours straight.

But accounting, where digitalization runs in the highest gear, where my role is more systemic and controlling than manually typing, I LOVE.

So whether you live in an adventure or in a more normal everyday life, my message is.

Think about your accounting processes and imagine that your business grew tremendously and the accounting grew accordingly and then assess whether these are the right methods you have chosen.

If not, look around for some new ones, because I do. constantly.

In the video below, you can see what I mean 🙂

you can read more about our bookkeeping solutions here


Written by:

Frederik Kromann

Frederik Kromann

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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