A strong financial system that can be easily integrated with all other systems

About E-Conomic

Designed for the ambitious business, it offers countless features, integrations and apps.

E-conomic allows you to save time and money. We make sure to take care of your bookkeeping so that it is always up to date. With the right tools, it becomes easy and almost fun.

E-conomic fits most, from small to medium-sized businesses and is an excellent financial management program. We recommend it to many of our customers. It is a really strong economic system and therefore most systems are integrated with this economic system.

With E-conomics app market it became easier for users to navigate, in all the options available. This can be anything from document scanning, credit card management, webshop integrations and, for example, better budget follow-up. The possibilities are many. However, the important thing is not to wallow in solutions and apps without first finding out what fits in when. We'll help you figure out when what solutions make sense.
With E-conomic, everyone involved in the administrative tasks can save time. It is both the director who sets budgets, the salesperson who will deliver the travel settlement and the purchaser who will plan purchases. Within all tasks, there are solutions in E-conomic that support an easier everyday life. Some of the best compositions are with the systems: 1. Pleo, 2. Farpay and 3. Corpay One. But the list doesn't stop here. Basically, it's about utilizing every part of the system when it makes sense. This means both efficient bank reconciliation and good collection procedures, so customers pay on time.

Huge app market

Saves you time on administrative tasks

Scan receipts with your mobile

Saves you time on administrative tasks


Behind the company

E-conomic has been around since 2006 and today has more than 100,000 users. The system is aimed at both start-ups, medium and larger companies.

There are no systems on the market that, like E-conomic, can be integrated with other digital solutions. The possibilities are untold and the time savings you can pick up are huge.

The use of E-conomic is not primarily about using a lot of smart tools. It's about understanding the accounting in your business and making sure that things work optimally. Bookkeeping is a craft that we are proud of and are skilled at. With E-conomic we have the opportunity to use that craft to the utmost if we get the opportunity.

Mads Rebsdorf

Mads Rebsdorf is CEO of Visma E-conomic.

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