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Digitised bookkeeping is the future

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It should benefit our customers to digitise accounting – digitalisation is not an end in itself

It may seem unmanageable! All the technologies and all the time it's going to require of you...!

Fortunately, we have done it really many times now. Therefore, we dare to claim that it does not require much from you when we are allowed to help. Afterwards, you'll have a future-proof accounting company made from the best of the latest technological tools, accounting programs and platforms in accounting and finance.

We only use and recommend systems that are time-saving, simple and flexible. For us, a flexible system or solution is something that can easily work with other systems. We recommend the solutions we like best and at the same time meet the needs we and our customers have. For us, it's just the only thing that makes sense.

"Don't I lose control of my bookkeeping with all this digitization?"

No, not at all - because as long as you live you're in control. The systems cannot work without your approvals. They are going to save you a lot of time and money, but they are still under your control. You, and your accountant,are in charge of the decisive actions. Or to put it another way:

You're the one holding the rocket launch button with more time and less worry.

Digital tools

A wide range of tools have been developed to ease the workload in accounting. Some systems target large companies and others at small businesses. It is therefore not possible to put together one digitised bookkeeping for all companies – and it is not the best!

The market's digital solutions are constantly evolving. With the compositions of different technological tools, the individual parts will be constantly replaceable as needed. It is essential that your bookkeeping is adjusted to suit you and your company's development.

Save time and get an overview

When digital solutions work, you get time back. The time to do the important tasks while your virtual finance function at Sandgrav Solutions takes care of the rest. 

We make sure everything always works and that the right digital solutions are implemented in the right way.

Financial management tools we work with

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