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The Lazy Bookkeeper strikes again I've just had the pleasure of helping automate a warehouse company selling designer goods. They use e-conomic So now we are running full program with the following * Roger * Pleo * November first * Budget123. We will be starting up soon and I am already looking forward to it. Thank you so much for allowing me to remove all your manual worries. Unfortunately, once all the automation is done there is not much work left for the Luddite Bookkeeper. So we'd better start on consulting and reporting instead. If you are interested in reading more, you can drop by my website and read more about all the neat tools I use to make myself and my 7 employees redundant and unemployed. #theluddovnebookkeeper #stoptastery

Written by:

Frederik Kromann

Frederik Kromann

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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