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How much does it cost? It costs DKK 20 per paycheck to use the system. This is roughly what all other systems also cost. Alternatively, you can use SKAT's light pay, but this is not really something we recommend as you have to do everything manually.

If you would like us to be in charge of your payroll accounting, you can read more about our payroll administration on our website, where we offer fixed low transparent prices. If you need an application for sickness benefit and other things, we will do it as well.

How does danløn work? It works like times many other payroll systems. You must create your employees either as a salaried employee or with holiday pay via holiday account. Then you must have the Social Security number, registration number and account number, as well as the name and address. Possibly an email address if you want to send the pay slips by email.

In addition, there is a really smart app that makes the collaboration between accountant and employee even easier. Through the app, you can handle outlays, mileage registration and absences.
It may be that absence is not very relevant you think – but with the new Holiday Act it has become even more important to keep track of your permanent employees' vacation days.

Employees can change their basic information themselves, such as registration number and account number, as well as e.g. address, etc. It protects you from stupid mistakes so you don't pay wages wrong.

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By Frederik Sandgrav - 13-11-2021

Danløn has been around since 1991. It's a great start to your first payroll program – used by 1,000 companies.

If you need to get your salary done, and if you use Danløn, we can help you. Many of our customers use it. So it is a system that we know very well. The system can be used by all types of companies, and most often it is companies with very little complexity that do not have collective agreements that use the system.

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Frederik Sandgrav

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