Get an overview of your financial development through optimal structures and analyses.

About Crediwire

Connect your accounting system to Crediwire and create an overview

The Crediwire system keeps an eye on all figures of e-conomic users on an ongoing basis. And it actually only takes you 2 min to connect your accounting system with the intuitive Crediwire.

If Crediwire is used to import data on an ongoing basis, you get live access to financial status, and you can set up alarms to alert different scenarios.

Crediwire's feature enables you to quickly respond and correct – so problems can be stopped in time. It's exciting, and the system is useful in the field of strategtic economics. You can also use the system to make budgets for the future.

Crediwire lets you share your accounting data in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way. With the system, you can gain valuable insight into your company's financial development and compare it to key figures and trends in your industry.

Crediwire saves you both time and paper by using the system to deliver digital annual reports, trial balance sheets and budgets to your bank or accountant.

Get an overview of your data

Live access to financial status

Get relevant industry averages

Easy to share your data



Behind the company

Crediwire helps small and medium-sized enterprises, banks and accountants create a financial overview.

The cornerstone of the company lies in the name. "Credi" stands for Credibility and the importance of "wire" is to transfer. The company believes that growth is created through a trusting relationship.

Crediwire is based in Copenhagen and has been around since 2015 – since then they have given many companies insight into economic key figures and trends in different industries. Click here to read more about the company and their intuitive system.

Nicholas Meilstrup

Nicholas Meilstrup is CEO of Crediwire. He has an economic and strategic background with a Master of Science in Accounting, Strategy and Control.

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