Sit back and let Corpay One handle everything from bookkeeping to payment completely automatically and flawlessly

About CorpayOne

With Corpay One, you get a bit of a clever acquaintance

It's easy! Now you don't have to log on to online banking when paying invoices. They offer a solution where you can make them pay the bill via app or emails.

All you have to do is enter the credit card information you want the draw to be taken from. Credit card information is typed into the app, where you can also always keep track of the status of your bills.

Imagine forwarding a phone bill to a email, after which it gets paid. It's simple and time-saving, which is why I recommend it to smaller companies that don't need approval flows or vendor management, for example. You can read more about Corpay One on their website here:

One inbox for all your expenses

Pay your bills automatically

Connect with favorite apps

Simple and time-saving


Behind the company

CorpayOne is for anyone who wants to automate payments and accounting.

The company is based in Copenhagen and San Francisco and was founded by Cathrine Andersen. The focus of the company is to offer a product that makes you have to worry less and automate more.

The system is subject to the Danish FSA, and your data is therefore always secured. You can read more about who Corpay One is here:

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