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About Contractbook

Contracts like never before

Speed up your contracts with Contractbook! They've made you a simple tool. They offer templates on contracts, so you just have to fill in a few fields and then shoot it off to one, few or a lot of employees or customers. Once the contract is signed then you will get a notification on your phone about it. It can hardly get any easier! Here you get a simple tool that gives you the opportunity to speed up the process, for entering into agreements, up.

Contractbook offers templates on contracts where you just have to fill in a number of retable fields, such as address, price, employment relationship or project description.

Once the contract is signed, you'll get a notification on your phone. Contractbook lets you send one contract to unlimited recipients. All you have to do is change the recipient name.
With Contractbook, all contracts are electronic and you therefore always have a full overview of all contracts you have.

Prepare contracts based on your own templates

Share drafts with external collaborators

Always overview of the status of contracts

Obtain relevant documents before signing


Behind the company

Contractbook is an impressive tool that is modern and intuitive to use. Graphically, one can only fret that others are not doing the same. Features are added all the time, and in general, it's a tool that makes you feel like you represent a professional company with things in order.

Contractbook was founded in December 2016. On June 30, 2017, the first MVP was launched, and more than 10,000 contracts have since been sent. They are headquartered at Sundaj 7, warehouse 47 in Nordhavn and enjoy it until skyscrapers are built throughout the area. Click here to read more about Contractbook.

Victor Heide

Viktor Heide, COO and Founder @Contractbook. 25 years, driven by results and by making a difference. Current Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Contractbook. Since the company's first breath, it has been responsible for all commercial contact. Started at 19 as head chef for 25 chefs, was headhunted to Parken Sport and Entertainment and organized, on-boarding and managed user engagement for Parken's digital products. Has since Contractbook lived and breathed Legal Tech and SaaS.

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