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Get your paycheck in order with Sandgrav Solutions

We take payroll management really seriously

Pay is an important area. Not just for you, but also for your employees. Especially for your employees.

They generally greatly appreciate that the salary comes in on time and that there are no errors in the paid and reported.

We have a wide range of payroll systems that we can run wages in for you. They are all different, so we help you choose the system that best suits you and your business.

The systems we typically use

Danløn, Data Salary, Zenegy, Salary

We help you with everything imaginable within payroll administration.

Things like reporting to public authorities, filing refunds and holiday accounts can be complex and energy-intensive topics to delve into.

We are therefore happy to help you with these things so that you can focus on what you are good at.

Sickness benefit insurance

Did you know that the State Administration has sickness benefit insurance? Read more about it here.
In practical terms, this means that for about 1% of your salary, you can receive sickness benefit from the 2nd day of sick leave instead of after 4 weeks. It may be good insurance. Unfortunately, this means a little more administration, but it is often a task that we help you with. Then you're sure it'll be done on time so you don't lose the right to get coverage.

Do you dream of replacing your payroll system?

Then you need to talk to us. We know many of the most popular payroll systems. Many of them can be much the same, but there are differences. Some of the differences are so great that it would be too bad to choose wrong.
We have also done a pretty great review of most of which you can read about here: https://sandgravsolutions.dk/ultimativ-guide-til-loensystemer/

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Payroll administration
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