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Hire an accountant

You know it. You have a lot of vouchers every month, a bank to reconcile and some employees who need to be paid. On top of that comes billing customers and paying to your suppliers. It can quickly become a lot of work and put a damper on the fun, if not bookkeeping is something you love.

With us you can rent an accountant. It could be a fixed solution one or more days a week for a limited period of time. It can also be permanent. It all depends on your need for bookkeeping. Because that's who we are. It's about you and how your life can be made easier.

So if you're ready to be relieved by "your own" accountant like that so you get a lot more time for your business – which means more money, happier employees and customers for you – then the freedom rocket button sits right below.

Why us?

We know our stuff

Digital and automagic

The world's best tools work for you without lifting a finger

Personal contact

You always have the same person with us who works for you and knows your business

Made for growth

We make sure that your administration can keep up as your business develops

Is your bookkeeping future-proof?

Some of our customers use us for maternity and illness. Others at peak times. However, most people use us on a fixed basis.

Our customers say that we work with digital accounting. It's not entirely wrong. We call it future-proof. We do this because there are now tools that can do a lot of good things on the accountant front. Whereas it used to take a long time, it took a lot of coffee and an expert with horn glasses, tact stick and daily truffles due to lack of annexes, then we have done something else.

We make sure that payments, customer jolting, payroll management and everything else are always done as efficiently and quickly as possible. In this way, we save you a lot of time and thus a lot of money. And that makes everyday life a little more fun.

Are you ready to get more time for the more fun things in your business while saving money, then swipe to the button below and let's talk about how we get you started.

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