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Get a controlling deal with Sandgrav Solutions

Our controllers help you as an owner to oversee your daily financial activities. They support you in everyday life by optimizing and goal-managing, so that your ambitions and expectations also fit the reality of your business and the market you are in.

Your new controller can solve tasks such as

  • managing and controlling your financial activities
  • preparation of budgets;
  • analyses, evaluations and forecasts;
  • control of your activities.

We offer two types of controlling


Financial control – including costs, sales, and control

Here you get an appointment with a controller that will typically come out to you in your company. Here you look together at your company's financial activities. Before the meeting, our controller examined your company's figures and these are the analyses and your expectations from which you can make a plan for the future.


Enterprise Control

Our Business Controllers (yes excuse us, but business controllers sound a little uncomfortable) offer in many ways the same as the financial controllers. However, these controllers focus more on your company's structure and workflows. They can help optimize, manage and realize your financial goals.

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What types of agreements?

In order to make the most of our collaboration, we need to have a good insight into your business. We value confidentiality when it comes to your business-critical information.

Typically, your controller would like to meet with you once a quarter. In the time between each meeting, you will be asked to submit monthly statements and other relevant material on an ongoing basis. Then your controller can analyze, evaluate and possibly keep an eye on the progress of your bookkeeping. You can also meet every month or every six months or every year. However, we would say that meetings once a year are typically related to financial statements. Therefore, this frequency will mean that it is less about business development and improvement.

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