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Digitized accounting with personal contact

Because accounting is a matter of trust

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Accounting and accounting are our specialty

We care about quality and digitalisation

An accountant from us comes up with the best of the latest technology in accounting programs,among other things . This is how we make sure that your financial function suits your business.

You can always count on what we do. Don't worry about the numbers being correct. 

Also, don't hesitate to ask for help if you need a budget or a cash flow forecast. We are ready to help you regardless of your needs. 

With us as a partner, you gain decades of experience in accounting and accounting, and an advisor who wants you the best and not just what we think you would like to hear. 

In your company

Regardless of your need for us to physically get out to your business or do things online from our office, we find the solution that is perfect for you.

Get a better financial function – with a solution from us. Click the button to get started!

If you don't believe us, read more, for example, here, where we've got some of our customers telling us a little bit about what they're looking at.

Why us?

We know our stuff

Digital and automatic

The world's best tools work for you

Personal contact

You have a permanent contact person

Made for growth

We help you as your business grows.

It doesn't take much to reschedule digitally!

If you find digital accounting exciting, write or call us. Among other things, we would like to hear a little more about your company and how you post now. And of course answer your questions.

If, after our conversation, you remain interested in a collaboration, Frederik Sandgrav visits your company and greets you, and makes suggestions on how your bookkeeping can be made more efficient.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Do you lose the ability to dispose of your bookkeeping by automating?

No, not at all – the driving force of digitized bookkeeping is still you. The systems can't work without your approvals — so you always have full control over your bookkeeping.

Our services are based on us being in charge of your bookkeeping, and we work with the same systems that we recommend, and therefore our bookkeeping will also benefit you.

The starting point is your business and your needs – our clear goal is to ensure that your bookkeeping runs as efficiently and automatically and digitally as possible. This causes the fewest errors and allows you to focus on your business.

At the same time, it is quite certain that your administration can keep up without getting too expensive if your business grows. Scalability without problem is incredibly important to us.

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