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The Tale of the Luddovne

The fairy tale of The Luddovne bookkeeper There was once an accountant who was so incredibly lazy. Every time he saw his cut to it,

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Then the conference is underway!

  Then the digital batmobile runs The accounts of the future are naughty, delicious, digital and COMPLETELY automatic. Looking forward to being here in Aarhus with

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Visiting Minuba

Magic for small and medium-sized enterprises I have been to an uplifting meeting at Minuba. Casper Hassø Nielsen, CEO of the company, shares my wishes for

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  Visiting Arvato Shut down your debtor's bookkeeping and let others do it? Last week I was passing Kenneth Harro.

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About Corpay One

Written by Frederik Kromann on 17/1-2023 Visiting Corpay One What's in the sky? Is it a plane ? A butterfly? NOOOO, it

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