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Your guide to posting

What does posting mean? Posting is the recording of a company's financial transactions in the form of vouchers, invoices, and receipts. Each of these Annexes is included under different

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The luddovne is back on the field...

The luddovne accountant Frederik Sandgrav is back on the field. Corpay One has published the following interview on their website: What is the accountant's new responsibility? Frederik Sandgrav

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A piece of advice

Today, the tip is aimed at anyone who sends invoices to customers. If you have more than 20 invoices per month, you should consider

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Tip of the day

  Tip of the day... Bankconnnect is the way forward. Unless you have Danske Bank, it is usually cheap and simple to get bankconnnect. This means

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Digital transformation

Automation and digitalisation are really in fashion? The day has started off with a couple of good exciting meetings. As always at Billy/Salary/Paperflow, the ambitions are

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Aquarius at Future Link Has been to a super meeting at Claus Christoffersen to see if we can't get a collaboration up and running.

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