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Cash flow in excel

If you have a store and receive payment there are tax requirements around this Cash Statement is a requirement when doing business and receives payment either

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Posting and automation

As fast as bundling a cold lager🍺 on a hot summer's day 😋 Bursting with energy after the holidays, I embark on my favorite task: Accounting

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Old wine in new bottles

X is coming!!!!! We're going to be out of a job. And then you can replace X yourself with robots, AI or machine leasing or blockchain or maybe something completely fifth. I

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Stop with the nonsense of digitalisation – when Dad was young yesterday I stopped by Roger/Pleo to give presentations on automation and digitalization.

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And then there was just...

The world's dullest typing task! - tips for e-conomic? Again, I have managed to get a totally boring billing task for one of our customers ??? .....70 invoice

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