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About Voucher Management, published on LinkedIn week 3, 2018

Where are you on the list?

There is a lot of talk about digitalisation all the time. Digitization should be done to achieve AUTOMATION. Taking a picture of a receipt and thus thinking that it is digitalization is not necessarily correct.

Where does the annex end up afterwards?

1. In Dropbox

2. In an email

3. In a half-yearly attachment archive in your financial system

4. In old, gray and analog client folders (added by Thor Tophøj)

5. In a fully automated system that does it all for you.

If you do NOT end up in No 5, there is an incredible amount of work for your bookkeeping in finding out where things belong. Resources that could clearly be better used if you could choose for yourself.

Where are you now and where would you rather be?

NOTE: Your company may not work with electronic attachment handling and storage at all – in which case you should call Sandgrav Solutions for help rescheduling your bookkeeping to digital 🙂

Written by:

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik Sandgrav

Frederik, also known as "The Luddovne accountant", has over 10 years of experience in digitizing and automating bookkeeping

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